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Chancel Repair Liability: 2013 ... to be an enclosure plan in existence so liability could well be proved. The full file can be downloaded from here. The 1757 to 1771 can be found here.

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Chancel Repair Liability: 2013 This means that one seventh of the land was set aside for the owner of the tithes split between the Archbishop, Lord of the manor and the vicar.
Chancel Repair Liability: 2013 My next stage was to look up the tithe maps and there was none and then to look up enclosure acts and according to House of Commons paper 44 there was one ...
Conveyancing Data Services In 2012 Chancel Repairs similar to this were said to apply to around 5,200 pre- Reformation parishes in England and Wales, the number of properties that ...
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So what remains of Chancel Repair Liability after a Bill to abolish ... chancel repair liability latest news
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